Samstag, 11. August 2007

"Urban Art Explosion I"

"Urban Art Explosion I" was the motto of the exhibition last year. We were really sick that fucking nothing happend around us
so we thought about an action where art and party comes together.So we spread the news via e-mal, myspace and mouth
propaganda and at the end it was an full crowded location which was an old police barack and also some kind of an adventure
cause the peops had to follow the frise which were stuck belong the way through an forrest, so there were all those lighters and handy display lights glowing through the night....In the end it was an good result of it all...with no police...Yep.!...At this way thanks to my man dejota rena who came all the way from barcelona to Düsseldorf...Hugggs...peace..

Urban Art Explosion

Date: 11:08:2007
Where: Secret Spot
Artists: From the Underground scene
DJ: Rene (Los Secuases; Barcelone, spain)

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